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How To Make Turmeric Tea At Home?

How To Make Turmeric Tea At Home

In the heart of every Filipino home, there's a remedy passed down through generations – a cup of Salabat. This traditional ginger tea, often sipped to soothe a sore throat or warm a chilly evening, is more than just a drink; it's a hug in a cup. But have you ever thought of giving this age-old remedy a modern twist? Let's explore the comforting world of Salabat, now infused with ingredients like turmeric, oregano, malunggay, and honey, and discover the convenience of instant Salabat powder.

The Golden Touch of Turmeric

Imagine the earthy zest of ginger blending with the mellow, warm notes of turmeric. This isn't just a taste experience; it's a wellness journey. Turmeric, a golden spice known for its anti-inflammatory properties, can turn your regular Salabat into a healthful elixir. But how exactly do you make this domestically? It's less complicated than you believe you studied.

How To Make Turmeric Tea At Home - Turmeric Tea With Lemon, Cinnamon Sticks And Other Spices On Top Of Table | Sanlo Salabat

Ingredients of Comfort

Start with the basics: ginger and turmeric. Fresh is best, but powdered versions work too, especially if you're tight on time. If you're feeling experimental, why not add a twist with oregano or malunggay leaves? Both are known for their health benefits and add a unique flavor profile to your Salabat. For a touch of sweetness and extra health benefits, honey is you're go-to.

The Quick Fix: Instant Salabat Powder

Life gets busy, and sometimes there's little time for tea rituals. This is where instant Salabat powder comes in handy. It's a short, no-fuss manner to revel in your favored brew. Just upload warm water, and you're correct to move. Perfect for one's rush-hour mornings or past due-night cravings.

Step-by-Step: Brewing Your Salabat with Turmeric

-Boil water in a pot.

-Add grated ginger and turmeric. If using powders, a teaspoon each will do.

-Let it simmer for about 10 minutes.

-If you're using oregano or malunggay, add them now and let them steep for a few more minutes.

-Strain the tea into your favorite mug.

-Sweeten with honey to taste.

How To Make Turmeric Tea At Home - Turmeric Tea With Whole Ginger And Other Spices On Top Of Table | Sanlo Salabat

The Science Behind the Comfort

It's not just folklore; there's science backing the benefits of these ingredients. A study highlights the anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties of ginger, making it more than just a flavor enhancer. It's a testament to why Salabat has been a staple in Filipino homes for centuries.

A Cup Full of Stories

Every sip of Salabat with turmeric or its other variations is like a journey through time and tradition. It's a simple, yet profound way to reconnect with our roots and embrace natural wellness. Whether you choose to go for the instant powder or brew it fresh, remember, it's more than just a cup of tea; it's a story of heritage, health, and warmth.


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